ODAM’s Newest Recruit

Over the last two years ODAM has been working to develop a range of fairtrade products for the Indian and international market through their ODAM Rural Crafts (ORC) Initiative.

In August 2010, Usha N. joined the ODAM team as the Distribution Manager for ODAM Rural Crafts (ORC).  ORC is a private microenterprise committed to employing socially disadvantaged women at a fair wage for production of recycled, eco-friendly, traditional Indian goods to be sold on the international and Indian fair trade markets.  The profits generated from ORC sales are channeled through ODAM to support community development in the form of health, education and agricultural improvements.

ODAM Rural Crafts is fortunate to have Usha as its manager.  Usha graduated in 2010 with a MBA, specializing in Marketing Management and Human Resource Management, from Madurai Kamaraj University, and is fluent in English.  In her spare time, Usha likes to draw and decorate her house.

ODAM Rural Crafts is currently producing stuffed elephants and their brand Paruva Kaalam Soap.  Currently, ORC is filling orders for 1,600 bars of soap in the United States and 100 elephant crafts in Dubai.  Usha has high hopes for ORC and imagines it growing overtime to employ more women and expand its markets and product line.

In the future they are considering including items such as, liquid soap, yoga mat bags, purses and other traditional Indian goods with a modern design.  Usha’s favorite part of working with ORC is getting to design and produce quality soft goods, so the next line of products are sure to impress.

At the end of July 2011, ODAM Rural Crafts will be appearing at a Global Warming Conference in Madurai where it will display its eco-friendly products and global warming fighting charcoal briquettes.  ORC is looking for Indian trade shows to further market its products within India.

If you have any ideas for products or retail stores in your area or would like to know more, please contact Usha at info@odamruralcrafts.com