Vasantha as a New Role Model for the Girls

Vasantha, Elango’s wife, has stepped up to serve as acting manager of the girl’s hostel and KGBV school. Vasantha and the Girls

For nearly six months now, Vasantha has been actively engaged with learning the budget processes, accounting, and operations side of managing the girls hostel and KGBV campus. In the past, Jeyaraj took care of most of these tasks on a daily basis on his own. However, Vasantha’s growing interest in the welfare of the girls has led her to take on greater responsibility for the hostel program.

She oversees the after-school tutoring programme in the new Training Center and helps handle day-to-day problems such as bellyaches or staff management. She has already made adjustments to the meal menu both at the school and the hostel to fit ODAM’s tight budget. She has supported substituting certain vegetable dishes with more locally available varieties – especially those that grow on ODAM’s organic farm.

Vasantha’s presence at the organization goes beyond the role of a manager: she is a new mentor and role model for the girls. With all the difficulties that have accompanied the transition to the new school and living situation, she has entered the organization at an important time in the hostel girls’ lives.  Her kind and straightforward methods for problem solving have won her great respect from the girls. She offers them advice and direction to support their education and health. As a well-educated and compassionate person, she is a great female leader and role model for the girls in our program!