Our Students

Currently over 100 girls attend ODAM’s KGBV Primary School and 18 are accommodated in the Barathi Hostel while they continue their studies at the local state Secondary School.

Despite their difficult past the girls are incredibly optimistic, independent and hard working. They thoroughly enjoy learning and are determined to improve their lives and those of their communities. Although many of them rarely left their village before attending school, they love learning about new cultures and spending time with the international volunteers.

Recently ODAM staff took the students on a trip to the beach at the South Eastern city of Rameswaran, an amazing experience for many of the students as they had never seen the sea before. They have also visited the famous Meenachi Temple in Madurai and the Gandhi Musuem.

Case Study: KGBV School student

Banu is 14 years old and has one sister and one brother. Both her parents have worked in a brick chamber since they were 10 years old, they work for 14 hours a day, 6 days a week. They were even married on the brick chamber premises.

Due to family money problems, Banu worked for 4 hours a night. Together with her 9 year old sister she shaped clay into brick moulds , earning just $3 per day. She started work after a 6 km round trip walk to school. Although her parents are illiterate, Banu and her sister are gifted students and achieve extremely high marks in all subjects. She is hoping to become a teacher.

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