ODAM’s Strategy for Women’s Education

Republic DayODAM has fully committed itself to securing education for marginalised girls in rural India. To achieve this, ODAM established the KGBV Primary School in Narikudi to provide an accelerated learning programme to girls who have missed out on key years of their education due to involvement in child labour. ODAM also provides  opportunities for girls to live and study in Narikudi after they graduate from  8th Standard in the  KGBV School.

For the girls who wish to continue studying, ODAM has opened the Barathi Girls’ Hostel, that provides young women with safe lodging and meals that enable them to pursue their education.

ODAM provides vocational training

Until now, this was only possible because volunteers, local NGOs and other donors helped ODAM fund this project. However, in the present academic year, due to a shortage of funding, the number of girls living at the Hostel has been reduced to 18. However, ODAM still supports the other students by covering their transport and schooling expenses.

Girls involved in vocational training

KGBV Narikudi girls, who pass the 8th standard access exam, can attend the nearby Narikudi government Higher Secondary School, where they are enrolled in classes from 9th to 12th standard level. Girls that do not continue into the local high school are offered the opportunity to pursue advanced technical training, usually learning tailoring and garment design.  At the same time they continue studying to try to pass the exams and continue their education. ODAM also intends to support the girls when the time comes to decide on tertiary education or employment.

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