Our Projects

ODAM works with the poorest communities in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where many people work  from dawn to dusk in the rice fields to earn enough to support their families.

As the typical wage is less than $1 per day an unexpected medical bill can cause a family financial ruin, force them to pawn the family gold and face bankruptcy. To avert such problems parents often send their daughters to work to supplement the family income, as a result they forfeit their education, become poor subsistence farmers and a vicious poverty cycle is established.

To break this cycle ODAM staff rescue girls from their work places, visit their homes and persuade their parents to allow their daughters to attend ODAM’s KGBV School. Here, they receive a three year accelerated learning programme to bring them up to the level of their peers. Already 80 girls have passed the 8th standard school leaving exam and are hoping to pursue their education further.

Many of these girls are accommodated at ODAM’s Barathi Girls Hostel while they attend the local state secondary school, where they receive clothing, medical care and additional study support. Also they avoid having to make the arduous journey to school from their remote villages. Currently 18 girls are staying here, but with further support ODAM can support many more students.

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