Get Involved

ODAM have many supporters across the globe, many of whom have volunteered here in the past and have seen first hand the difference these education projects make to the local community. From a traditional Indian Classical Music Concert in Oxford, to a Movie Night in Sydney, ODAM’s supporters are always coming up with innovative ideas to raise awareness of child labour in India.

Cake sales, sponsored events and raffles are all great and simple ways to help raise money while having fun at the same time. Alternatively you could publicise ODAM by distributing leaflets to your friends and family, or give a talk at your local church.

Perhaps instead of giving a conventional gift at Christmas this year you could give a donation to ODAM on behalf of the recipient.

If you have been inspired by our work why not join us here in Tiruchulii and meet our students yourself. Former volunteers have helped teach everything from English to Martial Arts in the KGBV School and have provided extra tuition to the students at the Barathi Hostel. The students are incredibly friendly and inquisitive and always welcome the opportunity to meet volunteers from different cultures.

Volunteers in India

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    ODAM's programs are maintained thanks to the generosity of Indian and international supporters.

    Please consider supporting our grassroots strategies to improve the lives of thousands of impoverished and disadvantaged women and children.

    Every new sponsor enables ODAM to fund another girl's education. Please sponsor today and change their future.