Barathi Girls’ Hostel

Indian students with volunteers

As of May 2010, 85 girls have progressed through the three year accelerated learning programme at ODAM’s KGBV primary school in Narikudi. Of these 85, 51 girls (60%) have transferred to ODAM’s hostel while they attend the local government secondary school.

The Hostel’s infrastructure is modest, with an open-plan common room, where the girls study and eat; one room for the computer classes and another for tailoring classes. There are also two sleeping rooms and a third one will be opened soon.

At the moment ODAM is applying for grants to construct a new building which will be able to accommodate up to 50 girls with more space and better facilities. Sponsors’ donations may go towards the construction of this new building, if ODAM doesn’t receive a grant.

ODAM provide a diverse educational programme

The girls have their meals at the common area, and are supervised by one teacher, who helps and supports them on a daily basis. They are provided with toiletries, health care, clothing and schooling materials. In early 2010, a series of health and sanitation initiatives took place in the KGBV School and the Barathi Hostel, as well as a Dental and Ophthalmology Awareness campaign.

Barathi Girls' Hostel

This allowed the girls to have their eyes and teeth checked and receive further treatment if necessary. Some girls had glasses prescribed that were funded by a former volunteer. They were also trained on dental hygiene by the dentist.

ODAM volunteers work with the KGBV School and Barathi Hostel girls, tutoring them in spoken English and English literacy afterschool. They also provide extra curricular activities, such as recycled handicraft education, chorus, dance, and even martial arts workshops, to name just a few. The students are eager to learn new things and meet new people, they really value the experience with the international volunteers.

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